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Variable Reduced Effort Steering

An Evolutionary Step in Technology
A Revolutionary Option in Accessibility

Here at Independent Driving Systems (IDS), we pride ourselves on not only keeping up with the rapidly-evolving developments in automotive technology but also creating them with the world's first and only family of Variable Reduced Effort Steering products.

Painstakingly designed and developed to work in each and every vehicle available for brands both well-recognized and obscure, we ensure that no matter what you want to drive, we have the tech to make it happen. 

IDS designs, manufactures and sells driving systems for all persons, especially individuals with disabilities. Our high-tech GEN-X, GEN-XR, and GEN-D steering systems grant those with little strength, dexterity, or mobility unprecedented levels of freedom and exploration.




Chevy Traverse

Dodge Grand Caravan

Kia Soul

Honda Odyssey

2020 Toyota Sienna & Older

Chrysler Pacifica

Chevy Silverado

2021 Toyota Sienna & Newer

GMC Sierra

Every driving system we build is modified to meet the unique needs of every driver and if their needs change, we can adapt the driving system to meet them. We stand by our work and people all over the world have discovered for themselves that with what we have accomplished thus far, the possibilities for the future are brighter than ever.


The GEN-X™ is the world's first system for variable reduced effort power steering, designed and developed with a true independent backup. On newer cars, with the EPS on the steering rack, we add an independent motor to the steering column. We can then make adjustments from OEM effort all the way to zero effort and anywhere in-between. The GEN-X™ also allows an easy switch-over to OEM steering in the event that someone else is driving the vehicle.

The GEN-XR™ derivation allows for Plug N' Play easy installation: no need to send the column on Toyota or Chrysler Pacifica models. This VRES product maintains a full 0-100% range of effort, easy switch-over to OEM steering for others to drive, and safety-oriented design with an advanced backup system and phone monitoring system.​

The GEN-D™ shares all of the features of its GEN-X™ & GEN-XR™ predecessors while its individual adaptability increases the number of vehicle brands and models available to tailor to your needs.


  • Reduces steering effort on newer cars with an EPS on the steering rack

  • Full 0-100% range of reduction

  • Easily switch between Reduced Effort and OEM Steering with a checkbox for family members or others to drive

  • Comes standard with a true backup

  • Meets and exceeds existing American compliance standards

  • Meets more stringent European TUV requirements

  • Quick and Easy to Install

  • Safe and Reliable


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      ✔NMEDA Guidelines 30, 36 
      ✔FMVSS/CMVSS 101, 203, 204, 305
      ✔SAE J2672

​​✔ NMEDA Guidelines 30, 36
✔FMVSS/CMVSS 101, 203, 204

✔SAE J2672

​​✔ NMEDA Guidelines 30, 36
✔FMVSS/CMVSS 101, 203, 204

✔SAE J2672




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