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Aux Batt™

Auxiliary Battery

The Aux Batt™ system consists of a secondary battery connected to an isolator pack and to the OEM charging system. This system provides jump start capabilities in case of primary battery failure. It also provides backup power to primary controls (steering, power, gas, and brake).**

AuxBatt Component & Battery Case


Our Auxiliary Battery System is a complete kit for installing a backup battery system. Safety is our top priority and so any of our systems that deal with primary controls require the installation of our auxiliary battery system that will take over in the event of primary battery failure.

(Easy installation, Appx. 3 Hours)

**We recommend you use our Auxiliary Battery with all of our products that affect your use of primary controls such as the PGBor REESS™.


  • Backup power supply for IDS equipment

  • Can start the engine when primary battery is low

  • Safe and Reliable

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  1. Backup power supply for IDS equipment

  2. Aux Bat™ enclosure

  3. Strap

  4. 100A fuses

  5. Battery separator

  6. Jump start cable

  7. Grommet

  8. Long red wire

  9. Short red wire

  10. Short ground wire

  11. Loom tubing

  12. - 14. Additional hardware


 ✔ NMEDA Guideline 6 

 ✔SAE J1903


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Power Gas/Brake


Aux Batt Components


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