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Power Gas & Brake

The PGB™ provides an electronic hand control for the gas and brake of the vehicle.

Power Gas/Brake


The PGB™ provides an electronic joystick for controlling the gas and brake of a car. It is very easy to install and is best for customers with severe physical limitations such as people with quadriplegia or other strength limiting disabilities. Provides full backup in case of main servo failure. 

Wide range of orthotic devices offered with this system.


  • Electronic Joystick with many orthotic options​

  • Easy to install

  • High performance servo system

  • Multiple orthotic interfaces to choose from


  1. Hand Control

  2. Main and Backup Actuators

  3. PGB™ ECU

  4. ECU Bracket

  5. Rivets

  6. Main Harness

  7. Secondary Harness

  8. Universal Mounting Bracket

  9. Fuse Harness

  10. Fuses

PGB Components

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