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Independent Driving Systems HQ

Patents Pending:

  • Zero Effort Gas Brake (ZEGB)


Driving Technology for Persons with Disabilities

Founded in 1996, Independent Driving System (IDS) designs, manufactures, and sells driving systems for all persons, including individuals with disabilities and members of their family. We take pride in our work with the firm belief that our driving equipment is the best and safest on the market as a true "one-stop-shop" for all your mobility needs.

Our proprietary and patented high-tech Variable Reduced Effort Steering systems combined with any of our products allow people with limited dexterity and mobility to operate virtually any vehicle. These same systems are already being used by persons with missing or deformed limbs, amputated limbs, paraplegia and quadriplegia, and various other conditions. We want everyone to have a system for them.

From Toyota to Tesla or Hummer to Hyundai; whether they're Sprinters, pickups, tractors and tractor trailers, off-road vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, mini-vans, or boats - anything that can be driven, our steering systems can be installed into:

Bring us a vehicle, and we will assess how it can be adapted for you.

With that being said, the IDS driving tech catalog is not used by just persons with disabilities: we have installed many of our various systems for drivers who simply want to customize their vehicle operations. Every driving system we build is modified to meet the unique needs of every driver - if their needs change, we can adapt said systems to fulfill them. 


Legacy versions of secondary control button panel,  audio button, vertical steering knob, power gas and brake
IDS LOGO with Trademark

Early IDS Rig

Setting Positioning with a Customer, 2010

Independent Driving Systems Driving Controls

Please call us at 713-864-1460 before you place your order so we can ensure you receive the correct equipment to work with the system or feature of your choice.

IDS has invested a great deal of time in designing and developing our driving equipment and we are proud of our systems' universal utility for all users. However, we recognize and encourage freedom of choice for all of our and our dealer’s customers.

Each piece of IDS primary control technology (steering, power gas/brake) is cross-compatible with IDS secondary controls (parking brakes, shifters, touchpads, etcetera). However, we discovered during research and development that some of our equipment does not always work well with other mobility dealers' products. This may be a potentially serious issue affecting OEM, CAN, or LIN systems and the overall operation of the vehicle when combining ANY system with one from anyone else, so we ask that you call us to confirm with our driving technologists that the products you already have are compatible with ours before placing an order.

The warranty status on our equipment may also be affected.

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