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Visible/Audible Scanner with Soft Keypad

The VAS™ KP8 provides access to eight in-motion secondary functions with the press of a button.



The VAS™ KP8 provides both visual and audible feedback of eight in-motion secondary functions: a soft button keypad provides all eight functions or you can use one main button to access them. To use the KP8, you have the option of pressing the main button to start the scan, then pressing the button again upon hearing or seeing the desired function to activate it OR you can press the corresponding button on the keypad: convenience and flexibility within reach.


  • Gives driver easy access to 8 in-motion secondary controls

  1. Horn

  2. Left Turn

  3. Right Turn

  4. Dimmer

  5. Wipers

  6. Washer

  7. Cruise On

  8. Cruise Set

  • Activated by the push of a button

  • The button can be easily placed anywhere the driver is comfortable

  • Additional functions available upon request

Secondary controls with trailing wire


  1. Android Phone

  2. IDS Phone Case

  3. Rodnet™ Box

  4. Harness

  5. Able-net Switch

  6. Phone Mounting Hardware

  7. Phone Car Charger

VAS Components

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