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The ZEGB (Zero Effort Gas and Brake)/Hand Control, one of the newer products offered by Independent Driving Systems, requires no OEM ABS modifications and no vacuum booster alterations, eliminating error codes generated by traditional zero-effort brake modifications. With approximately 1 hour of installation time, universal application of this product means it can be transferred to many different vehicles with minimal OEM retrofit when removed.
As a Primary System control application, we recommend pairing it with an 
Aux Bat.

Zero Effort Gas/Brake example


Zero Effort Gas & Brake

Accelerate and stop your vehicle with maximum confidence and zero effort.

Zero Effort Gas/Brake


  • Full Zero Effort Brake system with integrated Hand Control

  • Custom Handles

  • Variety of Orthotics

  • Multiple Motion (pull/push/twist)

  • Right angle motion for Gas/Brake

  • Optional Manual/Electronic Gas

  • Full Backup

another revision of the ZEGB

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Aux Batt™

AuxBatt Component & Battery Case


Reduced Effort Electric Steering System


  1. Actuator

  2. Mounting Brackets

  3. Pedal Mounts

  4. Optional Orthotics such as Tri-Pin and L-Handle

  5. Hand Control

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