Zero Effort Brake

The ZEB™ is the newest product offering by Drive Master Systems and Controls and Independent Driving Systems. 


ZEGB / Hand Control requires no OEM ABS modifications, no vacuum booster alterations, eliminating error codes generated by traditional zero effort brake modifications. Approximately 1 hour installation time. Universal application can be transferred to different vehicles. Minimal OEM retrofit when removed. Primary control application, Auxiliary Battery recommended.


  • Full Zero Effort Brake system with integrated Hand Control

  • Custom Handles

  • Variety of Orthotics

  • Multiple Motion (pull/push/twist)

  • Right angle motion for Gas/Brake

  • Optional Manual/Electronic Gas

  • Full Backup


  1. Actuator

  2. Mounting Brackets

  3. Pedal Mounts

  4. Optional Orthotics such as Tri-Pin and L-Handle

  5. Hand Control

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