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Success at Superior Van and Mobility BraunAbility Training

Robert Donnelly, Peter Ruprecht, Gregory Funchess, and Luis Salas of DMSC/IDS

In just under three hours a GEN-XR (reduced effort steering system), PGB (power gas and brake), and a PNP 70 (Plug n Play 70) were installed in a 2018 Toyota Sienna and a Chrysler Pacifica respectively Performing the installation was a team of three from the staff of DSMC/IDS (Drivemaster Systems and Controls/ Independent Driving Systems). The three worked in tandem to provide technical service training for a large group of mobility technicians gathered at the corporate training center of BraunAbility in Fischers, Indiana.

The team showed how simple and quickly equipment can be installed. The session started in the classroom with an introduction from Peter Ruprecht discussing the history of the industry and how Drive-Master partnered with Independent Driving Systems to design and manufacture this equipment. Then Gregory Funchess, Director of Design at DMSC/IDS went through and oriented the class showing the installation manuals for the Toyota Sienna and Pacifica. The class then proceeded to the training floor where Robert Donnelly, Luis Salas (Electrical Engineer) and Gregory Funchess installed the systems. Peter Ruprecht and Amy Reed (Information Coordinator) provided the narration and commentary. The audience was invited to participate with the installations conducted in various vans. We thank Geordan Williamson of Superior Van and Mobility who hosted the training and provided our team with tools and in-house support. We appreciate Elijah DeFoe of Karl Tyler’s Mobility Solutions for volunteering to show the class how to install the GENXR. He did an excellent job. A special thank-you to Dawn McCool also with Superior Van and Mobility and Peter Lucas, MSS Coordinator for NMEDA training schools for supplying the lunches. Many thanks also to BraunAbility for their help and support

Robert Donnelly installing PGB (Power Gas and Brake) in Toyota Sienna.


“The new reduced effort steering seems like a way better option vs. the other guys”

“The touchpad vehicle operation is very interesting, will it cover more vehicles soon

utilizing the plug & play install?”

"You did a very thorough job explaining the different products that you offer. Thank you. Great Class”

Certificates of training are being issued to all participants.

You can bring this training to your shop or location. Contact Peter Ruprecht to discuss training and hands on technical assistance available from DMSC/IDS.

About our training:

We believe combining several styles of instruction and the results far exceed anything gained from just structured classroom instruction. Hands-on Technical Training provides you with the latest and greatest technical expertise from DMSC/IDS. Through our trainings on installation, use and testing of our equipment your team will interact with expert engineers and designers. Different members of the team are ready to travel to your shop throughout the year. Certification is provided.

Soon video instruction through Webinars, tutorials and other media will be available.

About the Equipment Installed:

GEN-XR is the latest generation of the DMSC/IDS driving systems. It is current with the latest innovations in automotive technology. The system is designed to be easily adapted for each user. It is reliable, versatile and safe. The GEN-XR is designed to be installed as a completely integrated system that controls primary steering features. It can be used in any vehicle that has electronic power steering and braking.

PGB™ provides an electronic hand control for the gas and brake of the vehicle.

Plug N Play 70 offers 70 functions for the Pacifica with a simple box that plugs into the OBD-II. The functions are controlled via a tablet. It features several menu options including HVAC and window mirror locks. An option is available for Toyota but is not fully plug n play and thus requires tapping a few wires.

Visit DMSC/IDS to find out about our full line of driving equipment.

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