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DMSC and IDS Attend the ADED Annual Conference 2018

The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED) provides support for professionals who provide driver education, training and recommend and/or prescribe assistive driving equipment for drivers with disabilities and individuals who need certain driving adaptations as they age.  

ADED also offers education, information dissemination and certification programs to support assistive driving CDRS professionals (Certified  Driving Rehabilitation Specialists) so they can best serve all of these   ADED stands ready to meet the professional needs of its members through educational conferences, professional development activities and a professional certification program.

Drivemaster Systems and Controls and Independent Driving Systems (DMSMC/IDS) attended the most recent ADED Annual Conference in Richmond Virginia on August 10-14 and staffed an exhibit. As always, we enjoyed mingling and learning from the CDRS in attendance.  As automotive technology evolves so does the assistive technology and skills of CDRS to understand what driving accommodations can be made for individuals with all types of disabilities.

DMSC/IDS  thank CDRS Richard Nead for helping us present our  ETS (evaluator steering tool), GENX-XR and GEN-X (reduced effort steering systems). In attendance were Peter Ruprecht, CEO of Drivemaster Systems and Controls, Gregory Funchess (Director of Design) and Jonathan Nguyen (Electrical Engineer) of DMSC and Independent Driving Systems.  We enjoy hearing from CDRS professionals. We always learn and are inspired to develop and improve the driving technology we design and manufacture to help CDRS professionals  perform driving evaluations and to improve our technology for all consumers.

The 2019 ADED annual conference will be held August 9-10 in Lexington, Kentucky.

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