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Reduced Effort Electric Steering System.

The REESS™ provides horizontal steering capabilities.

The REESS Kit includes:


Stay Safe

The REESS™ provides a hi-tech horizontal steering system.


Visual Audible Scan.

The VAS provides easy access to 8 in-motion functions at the push of an elbow button.

Gear Selector Park Brake

Simple Install

The Gear Selector and Park Brake are easy to install and fast to setup.

      ✔NMEDA Guidelines 17 and 32 
      ✔FMVSS/CMVSS 101 and 102

Ignition Start

Remote Start

Simplify starting the vehicle.

Aux Bat

Just add a battery.

Our Auxiliary Battery system is a complete battery backup system ready to install, just add a battery.

      ✔NMEDA Guideline 6 
      ✔FMVSS/CMVSS 305
      ✔SAE J1903

Universal Mounting Bracket

Easily mount right where the customer needs.

The UMB makes it easy to put everything right where your customer needs.

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