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Visual Audible Scan

The VAS™ provides access to 8 in-motion functions with the press of a button.

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The VAS™ provides both a visual and audible feedback of 8 in-motion secondary functions. A couple of button presses gives access to all these functions. How it works: press the button to start the scan, then press the button again upon hearing or seeing the desired function to activate it.


  • Gives driver easy access to 8 in-motion secondary controls

  1. Horn

  2. Left Turn

  3. Right Turn

  4. Dimmer

  5. Wipers

  6. Washer

  7. Cruise On

  8. Cruise Set

  • Activated by the push of a button

  • The button can be easily placed anywhere the driver is comfortable

  • Additional functions available upon request


  1. Android Phone

  2. IDS Phone Case

  3. Rodnet™ Box

  4. Harness

  5. Able-net Switch

  6. Phone Mounting Hardware

  7. Phone Car Charger


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