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Driving Technology for Persons with Disabilities

Independent Driving System (IDS) designs, manufactures and sells driving systems for all persons, including individuals with disabilities. We believe our driving equipment is the best and safest on the market. Our high-tech systems allow people with little strength and range of motion to operate a vehicle. We have designed systems that are being used by persons with disabilities without limbs, amputees, high – level spinal cord injuries and other conditions which substantially impact an individual’s dexterity and mobility.

At IDS we pride ourselves on keeping up with the rapidly evolving developments in automotive technology. The automotive industry is rapidly moving away from hydraulic and mechanical systems. Our Gen-X and Gen-XR systems allow a person to operate the steering wheel, gas and brake by using system components controlled by microprocessors. They function by transmitting signals (in nanoseconds) to motors that operate the brake/ accelerator and steering. In the automotive world these systems are generally referred to as "drive or steer by wire systems".

Remote Driving Systems

IDS has also designed and developed autonomous driving systems. As the industry is moving toward driverless vehicle technology IDS has too. Vehicles permitting operation from a distance have been developed at our facility and are currently being tested by independent research facilities, many are already in production stages.

Every driving system we build is modified to meet the unique needs of every driver. If their needs change we can adapt the driving system to meet them.

Our steering systems have been installed in a wide variety of vehicles, including Toyota Sienna’s, Chrysler mini-vans, Vipers, Mercedes Sprinters, Ford trucks, tractors, 18 wheeler, Hummers "Off road vehicles", boats, tractors --basically anything that can be driven. You bring us a vehicle and we will assess how it can be adapted for you.

IDS driving technology is not used by just persons with disabilities. We have installed our systems for many drivers who want to further customize their vehicle to make it operate the way they want to use it.

Drive-Master/ Independent Driving Systems Driving Controls

Caution: When ordering IDS/DMSC primary controls (steering, power gas/brake) please ask if they are compatible with other manufacturers secondary controls such as the park brake, shifter, and touch pads. IDS/DMSC equipment is designed to work with our secondary controls. When you use other equipment with ours potentially serious issues can occur with the OEM, CAN, or LIN systems affecting the operation of a vehicle. The warranty status on our equipment may also be affected.

Please call IDS at 713-864-1460 before you purchase your system so we can make sure our equipment will work with the system or feature of your choice.

DM/IDS has invested a great deal of time designing and developing our driving equipment. Of course we are proud of our systems and their universal utility for all users. However, we recognize and encourage freedom of choice for all of our and our dealer’s customers. Ideally, we all want each individual with a disability that we work with to have a system that suits them.

Each piece of our driving equipment was designed to work together. During our research and development we discovered that some of our equipment does not work well with other systems. We just want to alert all of you that this may be a potential issue when purchasing any system and ask that you call us so we can check with our driving technologists to assure the system you choose is compatible with ours before you purchase anything.

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