Gear Selector / Park Brake

A simple and easy to install system for allowing gear selection and park brake.


As the name suggests, the gear selector / park brake is our system for allowing push button control over the current gear and activating the park brake as necessary.

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  • Park Brake actuator can be installed to push or pull the park brake cable
  • Park Brake automatically calibrates-- no programming necessary
  • Stand-alone option available
  • Safe and Reliable


  1. Gear Selector Park Brake ECU
  2. Gear Selector Actuator
  3. Park Brake Actuator
  4. Harness 1
  5. Harness 2
  6. Harness 3


NMEDA Guidelines 17 and 32
FMVSS/CMVSS 101 and 102

Gear Selector Park Brake Components