Next Generation Reduced Effort Electric Steering.

The GEN-X™ has first true independent backup system.

About the GEN-X™

The GEN-X™ is the first system for reduced effort electric steering with a true backup. On newer cars, with the EPS on the steering rack, we add an independent motor to the steering column. We can then reduce the effort from no effort reduction (0%) all the way to complete (100%) zero effort. The GEN-X™ also allows easy switch over to OEM steering in the event that someone else is driving the vehicle.

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  • Reduces steering effort on newer cars with an EPS on the steering rack
  • 0-100% range of reduction
  • Easily return to OEM Steering
  • First electric system with a true backup
  • Meets and exceeds existing American compliance standards
  • Meets more stringent European TUV requirements
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Safe and Reliable


  1. Modified Steering Column
  2. GEN-X™ ECU
  3. EPS ECU
  4. IDS Screen
  5. BKB Box
  6. Harness 1
  7. Harness 2
  8. Fuse Holder
  9. Fuses & Assembly Supplies
  10. Car charger for IDS Screen


NMEDA Guidelines 30 and 36
FMVSS/CMVSS 101, 203, 204, and 305
SAE J2672

GEN-X Components