Evaluator Steering Tool 2000™

The EST-2000™ allows evaluators with the ability to quickly and easily assess the amount of steering reduction needed.


The EST-2000™ drastically speeds up evaluation time, allowing the evaluator to see many more clients. Simply dial in the effort, press the set button, and the steering is immediately at the desired level. Not exactly what the client needs? No problem, change the dial, press set, and repeat until client is satisfied. The EST-2000™ allows evaluators to assess level of reduction, in a 0-100% range, easily from the passenger seat in very little time.

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  • Rapidly evaluate the client's needed effort.
  • Easily dial in 0-100% reduction and set it immediately.
  • Simple install.


  1. EST-2000™
  2. EST-2000™ harness
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