Aux Bat™

Auxiliary Battery

The Aux Bat™ is an easy to install backup battery system that only requires a battery.


Our Auxiliary Battery System is a complete kit for installing a backup battery system. Safety is our top priority and so any of our systems that deal with primary controls require the installation of our auxiliary battery system that will take over in the event of primary battery failure.

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  • Backup power supply for IDS equipment
  • Can start the engine when primary battery is low
  • Safe and Reliable


  1. Aux Bat™ enclosure
  2. Strap
  3. 100A fuses
  4. Battery separator
  5. Jump start cable
  6. Grommet
  7. Long red wire
  8. Short red wire
  9. Short ground wire
  10. Loom tubing
  11. - 14. Additional hardware


NMEDA Guideline 6
SAE J1903

Aux Bat Components